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Too comfortable
It is easy to reach a place where we become satisfied with the status quo. We structure our lives to...
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It's always amazing when you find God hard at work doing great things!
That was certainly the case this morning during our visit to Cornerstone Ranch. Thank you Pastor Che...
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12 month - 3 phase program Transitional Homes Retreats


Cheri Coit


A coach specializes in helping you
Identify what brings fulfillment and
meaning to your life, develop
personalized strategies that help make your dreams a reality, it’s an accountability partner, wise counselor or mentor. Cheri is just that, a life coach. She is passionate about supporting men and women in reaching their fullest potential and finding more meaning and purpose in life. If you would like assistance in discovering your purpose in life, she welcomes the opportunity to discuss creating a life you will love and helping you live it on purpose!


Cornerstone Restoration Ranch



A Place to come to for Revival..... A Place of Hope, Healing & Restoration


Our mission is to reach those who are broken, lost & hurting and equip, empower & encourage them through the Holy Bible, here at our faith based rehab San Diego Cornerstone Ranch.



Our Mission Statement:

To bind up the brokenhearted, proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners.To turn the hearts of youth & families back to God & to each other. To develop our God- given potential to win in every battle of our lives & to advance the kingdom of God, first throughout our circle of influence and then to the nations abroad.



Our Core Values:

P.U.L.S.E. Perseverance: to stay the course no matter what; Unconditional love: love the sinner, not the sin;Loyalty: to bear true faith & allegiance to the Holy Bible; Self discipline: God- centered, not self-centered;Excellence : to do everything as if we are doing it for God.



Our Vision:

To strengthen, heal & reunify shattered families and bring them effective life changing techniques to every community across the nation. We envision one day to be a retreat restoration ranch that is open to the public for revivals that is located on several acres with a serene setting that would be an integral part of our overall therapeutic environment.



Our Services:

Our transitional homes seek to provide a supportive environment that encourages transformative life choices.


The goals of our transitional homes are to provide safe housing, to enhance life skills and to continue seeking wholeness and restoration as they re-enter society.


Cornerstone Youth and Adult residential home provides residential treatment services with group care and therapeutic foster care for youth up to age 18 and adults 18-55.


When families are in trouble, Cornerstone Ranch is here to help. Our desire is to help your family in restoring a safe and healthy home environment.


Cornerstone Ranch’s restoration ranch offers a 12 month discipleship program, where we teach people to turn their life’s disappointments into His (God’s) appointments.


The Ranch is a place to come to get your heart turned back to God and your family. It’s a place to get re-focused and revived, it’s a place of Hope, Healing and Heart Restoration.


*All Monies to Cornerstone Ranch are considered donations and are non-refundable


Cheri has written 3 amazing books that you can purchase on Amazon (follow the link below)